About the site

Romeo Squared is a blog about defense issues with a focus on the Baltic Sea region. Military topics in general or stories from other regions may occasionally appear, but usually there is a Baltic or Northern European angle.

The purpose of Romeo Squared is to contribute to a qualified defense debate. There is a need for an exchange of ideas, and a blog such as this one might help. There is also a need for more general knowledge about defense issues among the populations in Western Europe. This is a personal blog, and the views expressed are solely my own. I do not represent my employer or anybody else on this blog.

About the name

The name of the site, Romeo Squared, is a NATO brevity word that is used within naval warfare to mean “reporting responsibility”. The unit which has Romeo Squared has the obligation to observe the whereabouts of a target and report on significant movements. I thought it would be a fitting name.

About me

I work as a military analyst at the Center for Maritime Operations at the Royal Danish Defence College. In addition to my military education as a naval officer, I also have a master’s degree in educational development. I started my service as a military linguist where I learned the Russian language. That is convenient when trying to decipher the security situation in the Baltic area.

If you want to get in touch, you can send an email to anders@romeosquared.eu or find @RomeoSquared on Twitter.

—— Anders Puck Nielsen ——