Subscribe via RSS

An RSS reader can be a good way to subscribe to a website. If you are not familiar with RSS, you should check it out.

Blogs usually publish a feed of new posts in a format called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The RSS reader can collect these feeds from many websites and keep track of which posts you have read. This way you don’t have to visit all the websites but can follow many sites from a single place.

The link to the RSS feed for Romeo Squared is

I find RSS readers handy for following websites that have a modest number of posts because I will forget to check the sites regularly. There are several free options on the market. Here are a few links to some popular RSS readers:

Some of them require a paid subscription, but others are free. Personally I use Feedly, but I have heard great things about the others as well. All of them integrate into apps on phones and tablets which gives an even greater reading experience.