Month: June 2022

  • On epistemic bubbles and echo chambers

    Thoughtful essay by C Thi Nguyen for Aeon on the difference between epistemic bubbles and echo chambers, which can be seen as two very different things. Luckily, though, epistemic bubbles are easily shattered. We can pop an epistemic bubble simply by exposing its members to the information and arguments that they’ve missed. But echo chambers […]

  • The intertwined nature of Russian academia and the state

    Interesting look at the Russian academic community and its impact on policy. It’s written by Mariya Omelicheva for PONARS Eurasia and titled Influencers, Echo Chambers, and Epistemic Bubbles: Russia’s Academic Discourse in the Wake of the War in Ukraine. Much of the scholarship in the field of Russian IR takes place in an epistemic bubble […]