Will Russia have 6,000 more tanks in its army?

Dave Majumdar in a piece for War is Boring under the title “Russia Will Have 6,000 More Tanks in Its Army”:

Russia is sharply curtailing the number of Soviet-era tanks that is planning to scrap. In previous years, Moscow had planned to send some 10,000 of its older model tanks to the junk yard for disposal, now that figure could be reduced to as few as 4,000.

Sounds like a massive rearmament. But then Majumdar continues:

The fact that Russia is planning on holding onto these older tanks suggests that budgetary pressures are forcing Moscow to upgrade these machines rather than build new vehicles.

Ok, so Russia will not have 6,000 more tanks in its army? The analysis is fine, and the news is interesting. But why put on a headline that is just wrong?




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