Russian military moves from Windows to Linux

The Russian military has decided to move away from Microsoft Windows on all computers. The decision is grounded in security concerns connected with using an operating system that is produced abroad. That reports Izvestia.

Instead there will be installed a version of Astra Linux on all computers in the Russian Armed Forces. LibreOffice will be used as office suite.

Astra Linux is a distribution of Linux that is produced in Russia and has a special focus on security. It is already used by the military in computer servers and automated systems, but workstations have used Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite. A graphical user interface had to be developed to install Astra Linux on workstations, but that is now ready under the name of Astra Linux Special Edition.

The first installations will begin in 2018, and when the military is satisfied with the performance, it will be rolled out to all computers. At a later stage, a version of Astra Linux will also be installed on smartphones and tablets.

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