What to expect for Russian Baltic Fleet in 2018

The press service of the Russian Western Military District has announce a few things to expect from the Baltic Fleet in 2018, reports RIA Novosti.

Most notably there will be established another air defense unit with S-400 missiles. The fleet will also receive a new missile corvette. In addition to these things the general modernization of the materiel will continue.

The Baltic Fleet will in 2018 continue a high activity level. There will be exchanges with Russia’s other fleets, and ships from the Baltic Fleet will complete journeys to the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific. That sounds like an ambitious program, especially if they plan on sending the Steregushchiy class to the Pacific.

Finally there will be a reinforcement in the area of naval aviation. The fleet will receive new and modernized Su-30SM aircraft and Ka-27M helicopters.

An important event will be the international competition for amphibious forces to be held in August 2018 in Kaliningrad.

As a curious aside the article on RIA’s website was accompanied by this poll:

RIA poll

"Experts count the Russian army among the three strongest in the world. Do you think that the soldiers can ensure the safety of the country?

- Yes, the Russian army is rightfully considered one of the best in the world: 68.3%
- I doubt it because USA is a strong enemy: 4.3%
- It depends on the size of the conflict and the number of participants on both sides: 27.4%"




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