Borei class

Russia builds six more Borei-A submarines and cancels Borei-B project

Russia has canceled the development of the Borei-B class submarine and will build six more of the Borei-A class instead. The construction of the six new ships will begin in 2023. That reports TASS.

Back in November it received some attention that chief of the general staff Valery Gerasimov mentioned the Borei-B project, and it was expected that Russia would build four of these ships as part of the 2027 force development plan. But apparently the expenses outweighed the benefits, so they decided that they would rather have six of the existing class than four of the new class.

Borei class
Borei class submarine. Photo:

The Borei family of strategic nuclear submarines are planned to replace the Kalmar-class, Delfin-class, and Akula-class submarines (NATO names Delta-III, Delta IV, and Typhoon). They carry 16 intercontinental nuclear Bulava missiles. There are three existing submarines of the original Borei-class, and five submarines of the improved Borei-A class are in production. Last month it was revealed that the delivery of the first Borei-A submarine Knyaz Vladimir has been postponed until 2019.

With the six new Borei-A submarines, Russia will eventually have a total of 14 of these modern strategic submarines.




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