Putin on Naval Day 2017

Video of Navy Day parade in Saint Petersburg, producers missed the flagship

Here is a video of yesterday’s Navy Day parade in Saint Petersburg. It is Russia Today’s transmission, so the commentary is interpreted into English. A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post about the program of the parade which can be useful to read before watching the video.

I must say that Russia does such parades really well. The timely orchestration is impressive, and there truly were some spectacular ships on display.

Unfortunately, the producers fail to show the flagship of the parade, the Oscar II class submarine Orel. I guess Orel and the cruiser Marshal Ustinov were too big to sail in the formation, so they were anchored nearby. The last ship in the formation was the Kilo class submarine Vladikavkaz, and the producers seem to have misunderstood that they were supposed to show pictures of an anchored submarine instead of the sailing one. You can see this a few minutes after the hour mark, just after the presentation of the new landing ship Ivan Gren and the new intelligence ship Ivan Khurs.

It must be disappointing for the sailors on Orel to come all the way from Severomorsk to be on the flagship and then not to be shown on TV. The producers do manage to show Marshal Ustinov, though, when the speaker talks about it around minute 31.

If you would rather just see some pictures of the ships, bmpd has a nice collection. On some of the pictures, Orel is visible in the distance just behind Marshal Ustinov.




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