Interview with Corporal Frisk about military reductions in UK

I recently published an interview on YouTube with the Finnish defense blogger Robin Häggblom aka Corporal Frisk about the United Kingdom’s new integrated review and the plans for force adjustments outlined in the Defence in a competitive age report.

Robin Häggblom wrote an insightful and critical analysis on his blog, where he raised many question marks about the details in the plan. Ostensibly, the goal is to create mobile, deployable, and lethal forces that will support a “Global Britain” approach to warfighting. Beneath the surface there seem to be many inconsistencies, though, and one could fear that the result will be weaker and less coherent capabilities.

I asked Robin if he would elaborate on his thoughts in an interview, and the was this video:

As a sidenote, one of the reasons this blog hasn’t received so much attention lately is that I have been busy with a podcast and a YouTube channel. It’s a lot of fun, but unfortunately time is a limited resource and there just hasn’t been enough time for everything.

Since both the podcast and the YouTube videos have been in Danish, there has been little potential for cross-posting content. That might change now that I have discovered YouTube’s subtitle function. I intend to post regular new videos in English, and I trust that YouTube’s algorithms will make sure only to suggest content in the right language for subscribers. So feel free to subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you are interested.




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