Netherlands buys the PULS rocket artillery system

The Netherlands is procuring a variety of long-range missiles: Tomahawk land attack-missiles for their frigates and submarines, JASSM-ER missiles for F-35 fighter aircraft, and the PULS rocket artillery system for the army.

This is all both interesting and ambitious. Clearly the Dutch have noticed the importance of long-range fires in the war in Ukraine. The choice to go with the Israeli PULS system instead of the American HIMARS system is particularly interesting. A machine translated version of the announcement from the Dutch Ministry of Defense explains the decision like this:

“The research phase for the system showed that there are 2 systems that meet the Dutch requirements: the HIMARS system and the PULS system. The PULS system distinguishes itself in various areas. Compared to the American HIMARS system, it can carry more missiles. It is also possible to purchase more rockets with the budget and they are available earlier. In addition, PULS will be suitable for ammunition from European manufacturers in the future.

A partner such as Denmark is also purchasing the PULS system, while Germany is interested. This offers prospects for international cooperation in order to increase European autonomy.”

In January, the Danish military announced the intention to procure the PULS system, and that decision now makes a lot more sense.

Update: Also relevant that Netherlands and Denmarks signed a memorandum of understanding about joint procurement back in December 2022.




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