Estonia procures modern naval mines

Estonia has procured a significant number of naval mines from an undisclosed Finnish company. That was announced by Commander of the Estonian Navy commodore Jüri Saska to the TV station ETV according to ERR:

Sea mines form a key part of Estonia’s long-term strategic vision, with coastal defenses seen as critical in permitting freedom of movement at sea, both for Estonian vessels and those of its allies, and in defending against seaborne assaults and the consequent opening up of further land fronts, AK said.

The manufacturer has not been named publicly, Asko Kivinuk added, and neither has the procurement price tag or quantity of sea mines ordered, with Cdre Saska simply calling the planned volume “significant”, and also durable for a time-frame measurable in decades.

The first ordnance supplies will reach Estonia by the end of this year – the procurement deal itself was signed six months ago, AK reported.

Estonia is also in the process of procuring anti-ship missiles.




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