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Download e-book: Russia’s Military Might

In the beginning of the year, the Danish version of a book on Russia’s military capabilities came out. The book was edited by Niels Bo Poulsen and Jørgen Staun from the Royal Danish Defence College, and I was fortunate enough to write the chapter on the Russian navy.

Academic books are often expensive, and the Danish version retails for almost 60 euros in bookstores. But now the English translation is out, and it is an absolutely free download. The English title is “Russia’s Military Might – A Portrait of its Armed Forces”, and you can download the whole book as a PDF on the button below.

Book cover

There is high-quality content in this book, so I would recommend everyone with an interest in Russia’s armed forces to have a look at it. The chapter list includes:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction, Niels Bo Poulsen and Jørgen Staun
  • Chapter 2: Studying Russian Security Policy and Defence, Niels Bo Poulsen and Jørgen Staun
  • Chapter 3: At War with the West – Russian Military-Strategic Culture, Jørgen Staun
  • Chapter 4: Russian Military Culture – the Achilles Heel of the Reform Process?, Michael Gjerstad and Niels Bo Poulsen
  • Chapter 5: Militarism and Patriotism in Russia – the Culture behind Russian Combat Power, Flemming Splidsboel Hansen
  • Chapter 6: Introduction to the Issue of the Russian Armed Forces’ Military Capability, Steen Wegener
  • Chapter 7: From Rusty Neglect to Well-Oiled Machine – The Resurrection of the Russian Army in the Years 2008-2020, Thomas Nyholm Jørgensen
  • Chapter 8: The Development of the Russian Navy – from Global Maritime Power to Coastal Defence, Anders Puck Nielsen
  • Chapter 9: The rise of Russian Air Power – a Qualitative Assessment of the Capability of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Karsten Marrup and Kåre Dahl
  • Chapter 10: Russia’s Nuclear Capabilities – a Basic Security Policy in a Complex Technological Age, Carina Meyn
  • Chapter 11: Russia and Cyber – Espionage, Sabotage and the Constant Fight for the Truth, Mikkel Storm Jensen
  • Chapter 12: The Rise of the Military Companies – Russian Wars Outsourced, Niklas Rendboe
Title: Russia’s Military Might – A Portrait of its Armed Forces
Editors: Niels Bo Poulsen and Jørgen Staun
Publisher: Djøf Publishing, 2021
eISBN: 978-87-7198-545-0-uk




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