Challenges for European navies

Jeremy Stöhs is one of the most interesting scholars on the topic of current European navies. I am happy that Jeremy found the time to talk with me about his (by now fairly) new report How High? The Future of European Naval Power and the High-End Challenge. He wrote this report for the Centre for Military Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

I really enjoyed our conversation. The whole thing ended up about an hour long, but we split it into five different videos to make it more digestable.

Video 1

In the first video we discuss some of the terminology in Jeremy’s report, and why it is interesting to discuss European navies at all. This video is quite theoretical, and frankly I think most people should just skip it. But if you have a particular interest in naval theory, this video might be for you.

Video 2

In this video we discuss the characteristic of large, medium, and small navies. We also discuss what Jeremy means by rising size and capability thresholds for navies to be relevant for the high-end fight.

Video 3

In video 3 we discuss what Jeremy has termed demand-side challenges. This is in particular proliferation of missiles and sensors, AI and autonomous technology, and multi-domain operations.

Video 4

In video 4 we talk about supply-side challenges. This is in particular how to get a good high-low mix of capabilities, the home-game/away-game conundrum, and the rising costs of personnel and technology.

Video 5

In the last video we talk about Jeremy’s recommendations for navies moving into the future, and whether there is room for optimism.




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