Russia denies their warships were near Nord Stream explosion sites

Oliver Alexander comments on Russia’s denial that their naval vessels were near the explosion sites of the Nord Stream pipelines on his substack:

“We now have an official Russian reaction to the to the investigation of the SS-750 at the site of the Nord Stream blasts from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Instead of trying to explain away the SS-750 and other Russian naval vessels’ presence at the site as part of their announced naval exercises, they decided to claim that it was impossible for the SS-750 to be present at the site. They state that the Russian Baltic Fleet exercises took place in the Eastern and Central part of the Baltic Sea and therefore the presence of Russian vessels in the Western part near Bornholm was impossible. As is often the case with official announcements from the Russian government, they chose to use the most moronic of excuses. If nothing else, this denial makes it even more likely that the Russian government is behind the attacks on Nord Steam.”

Oliver Alexander has done really good work on the Nord Stream explosions.




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  1. oakster Avatar

    @r2blog I keep telling myself to be patient. After Russia collapses we’ll see what the truth was in the KGB, err I mean FSB archives

    1. Anders Puck Nielsen Avatar

      I suspect the authorities already know what happened, but as I argued in this video, nobody has any interest in saying in publicly.

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