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  • Who cheated whom in Russian-British submarine duel?

    Did Russian diesel submarines really hunt down a British nuclear submarine and prevent it from launching missiles on Syria? Or did the British successfully keep the Russians occupied with a submarine which was never intended to launch missiles in the first place?

  • Warship diplomacy: British intervention in the Baltic from 1800-1801

    Article recommendation: This account of the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 is worth reading. Alliances change, technology develops, yet human nature makes the French Revolutionary Wars discouragingly relevant today.

  • HMS Ocean retired and sold to Brazil

    HMS Ocean was retired from the Royal Navy today. The helicopter carrier officially left service at a ceremony at HM Naval Base Devonport with the participation of Queen Elizabeth. Ocean has been the flagship of the Royal Navy since it was commissioned into service in 1998. Now she will be handed off to Brazil for […]

  • Comparison between U.S. and U.K. naval officer training

    There is an interesting comparison of U.S. Navy and Royal Navy Officer Training in the March edition of Proceedings. Dr. Anthony Wells has experience from both navies and insights into their training programs. In short, Wells is not impressed by the U.S. seamanship education. He suggests the U.S. Navy can learn a lot from their […]

  • Nuclear weapons aren’t actually a deterrent on their own

    Mark Galeotti makes an interesting point in this post on War on the Rocks titled Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent Isn’t a Military Asset, and Shouldn’t Be Funded as One. The financial aspect of the argument is less interesting than the military point. Galeotti argues that two expensive projects, namely the two new aircraft carriers with accompanying […]

  • UK without anti-ship missiles for a decade

    Robert Beckhusen for War is Boring: In 2010, Britain’s sailing branch opted not to replace the Harpoon, and one year ago it was revealed the missiles were set to retire at the end of 2018. In September 2017, IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly announced that the U.K. Ministry of Defense has delayed the retirement until 2020. […]

  • What to do with a few tanks in Tallinn

    Thoughtful piece by Corporal Frisk about the possible tactical reflections behind the small number of British tanks stationed in Estonia: Traditionally, it has been held that tanks better stay out of cities. Incidents such as the destruction of Russian motorised units and their armour support during the first battle of Grozny has added to this […]

  • What is the Royal Navy’s new type 31 frigate good for?

    Robert Beckhusen writing for War Is Boring on the Royal Navy’s new type 31 frigates: The frigate will be excellent at chasing pirates, though a proper corvette could do the same job for less. If this story sounds familiar, it echoes the U.S. Navy’s own travails with turning the Littoral Combat Ship into an expensive […]